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Pigs in islamic law
' and eat food being permissible again good of what god has sustenance right  you, and takwal to god are you believers ' to him’( QS. Al-Maaidah: 88).
The verse above clearly have told us just to eat halal food and fine, two entities can not be separated, defined in terms of the Sharia and halal both in terms of health, nutrition, aesthetics and more. On this subject will be discussed about food (and drinks) that halal and haram upon review of the syar’i (according to the Quran and Sunnah).
' Verily, Allâh only proscribe you carrion, blood, pork, and animals (when slaughtered) are called the name of other than Allah. But whoever is forced (to eat) was he didn't want it and not transgressing the limits, then there is no sin on him. Verily, Allâh is all-Forgiving, most merciful again’(QS. Al-Baqarah:173).
Pork is the meat produced from pigs to be slaughtered. In some beliefs of the Abrahamic religions, pigs are not allowed to be touched (unclean) and are considered haram to eat. An example is as written in the Holy Book of Islam the Quran. Pork is also forbidden to be consumed in Judaism and seventh-day Adventist Church in the Christian religion. Islam and Judaism forbids his people for the eating of pork. Examples of verses that forbid it is al-Quran surat al-Baqarah: verse 115 and old testament Leviticus 11, 7-8. This prohibition is causing severe restrictions against import or consumption of pork products in various countries, such as Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mauritania, Oman, as well as the various countries with a population of Muslims and Jews. There are two terms that are frequently used to indicate that such ingredients are pork, ham and bacon. Ham is pork the back, while the bacon is smoked pork ribs. In general pork having layers of fat thick with fibers sufficient smooth. However, not easily distinguish between pork with of veal, both very similar moreover if both commingle.
 Pork, Most ulema agreed states that everything that edible unclean, so either flesh is fat, bones, including products containing material the including all material made by using materials such as one feedstocks.

The usefulness of pork
Pigs Although in Muslim countries meat is forbidden, but in many countries the pork is very popular. Benefits:
- pork is very rich in vitamins B6, B12, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and Pantothenic acid.
-Pork is a great source of iron that is easily absorbed by the body than the iron from vegetarian sources of other meat.
 -Pig also has a high mineral content of phosphorus, selenium, sodium, zinc, potassium and copper.
-The flesh is also good for the skin, eyes, nervous system, bones and mental performance.
Minuses: high in saturated fat content. To reduce the fat, clean the meat from all the fat. Other deficiencies, the pig is also high in sodium so it is not recommended for people with high blood pressure (hypertension).

Dangerous aspect
The pig is an animal that is very dirty because normally eat everything given to him from the start, one own up to human waste. Psychologically the pig has the mentality of a lazy, don't like the Sun, really like eating and sleeping, have the nature of greed, and does not have the will and fighting power, even to defend themselves though. Physically pig keeps the seeds of disease. The pig is considered an animal that is not at all feasible to be consumed. Among the parasites-parasites that are as follows:
worms, taenia sollum
This parasite is a bubble-shaped larvae on pork or grain-grain-shaped eggs on the intestines of pigs. If someone is eating swine's flesh without cooked properly, then the walls of the bubble will be digested by the stomach of humans. This event will hinder the development of the body and will form a long tapeworm can reach more than 3 meters. This worm will be attached to the intestinal wall by way of attaching the head and then absorb the elements of food in the stomach. It can cause a person deprived of blood and digestive disorders, since this worm can emit toxins.
If at yourself in someone, in particular children, have been known there are worms this in quarreling and he will undergo hysteria or feelings of anxiety. Sometimes larvæ existing in the human intestine this will enter the circulatory and continue to spread throughout the body, including the brain, heart, spinal nerves, and lungs. In this condition can cause severe disease.
Worm,Trichinia Spiralis
This worm is on pork in the form of bubbles gently. If someone is consuming pork without cooked properly, then the bubble-bubble-containing larvae of these worms – can live in human flesh and muscle, the boundary between the lungs and the heart, and in other areas in the body. This worm attacks the muscles can cause tremendous pain and causing the slow movement, plus more difficult activities. Is its existence in the bulkhead will narrow down your breathing, which could end up with death.
It could be, this kind of worm would not make someone died in a short period of time. However it should be noted that the little worms that thrive in the muscles of a person's body after he was consuming pork will certainly lived there until that person dies.
Worm, Schistosoma Japonicus
This is a worm that is more dangerous than a worm schistosoma dilkenal in Egypt. And pigs are the only animals that contain worms. This worm can attack humans when they touch or wash your hands with water containing the worm larvae originating from pig shit. The worm is able to sneak into the blood, lungs, and liver. The worm is growing very quickly, within a day can add up to more than 20,000 eggs, and can burn the skin, stomach and liver. Often it is also attacking the parts of the brain and spinal cord that results in paralysis and death.
Fasciolepsis Buski
This parasite lives in the intestine of pigs in a long time. When there is a mixture between the intestines and fecal matter, parasites will be in the form of a certain liquid can move the disease in humans. Most types of parasites are found in the regions of China and East Asia. This parasite can cause indigestion, diarrhea, and swelling all over the body, and can cause death.
Worm, Ascaris
The length of this worm is about 25 cm. this Worm can cause pneumonia, strep throat and stomach blockage. This worm cannot be destroyed in the body, except by way of operation.
Worms, Anklestoma
The larvae of these worms enter the body by burning the skin when a person walks, bathing, or drinking contaminated water. This worm can cause diarrhea and bleeding in the stool, which can cause blood shortages, lack of protein in the body, swelling of the body, and cause delays in a child's physical and mental growth, weak heart and could eventually lead to death.
Worm, Calornorchis Sinensis
This type of worm that sneaks up and stayed in the water pig liver bile, which is a major source of transmission of the disease in humans. These worms are found in China and East Asia, because people there always maintain and consume pork. This Virus can cause swelling of the human heart and jaundice are accompanied by severe diarrhea, body becomes thin and ends with death.
Worm, Paragonimus
These worms live in the lungs of pigs. This worm is widespread in China and Southeast Asia where many pigs reared and consumed. This worm can cause pneumonia. Up until now have not found how to kill worms in the lungs. But it is clear there are no worms, except where the pigs live. This parasite can cause chronic lung bleeding, where the patient will feel pain, spit Brown as rust, due to bleeding on both lungs.
Swine Erysipelas
This parasite is found in the skin of a pig. This parasite is always ready for burning on the skin of a man who tried to approach or interact with it. This parasite can cause inflammation of the human skin which shows red color and high body temperature.
 Are germs on the pork can lead to various diseases, such as TUBERCULOSIS, smallpox (Small pox), itch (scabies), and germs Rusiformas N.
Way analysis of pork
Research Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM-MUI) plans to use the Porcine Detection Kit to help facilitate the work of the audit. This tool is used to detect the content of the meat pork on fresh meat, or processed products such as meatballs, nuggets or sausages.
 Shaped like a test pack pregnancy test in women. As reported (29/09/2012), "(Opportunities) error (tool) is less than one percent," Dr.. Budiatman Head of Research and Assessment LPPOM MUI, the Rakernas LPPOM MUI in Bogor, Friday (09/28/2012).
He explained that the work is based on the reaction pripsip antigens and antibodies. She said, an antibody will be labeled with an enzyme enzyme reaction will produce a red color. "Specific Antibodies attached pork into strips (a) similar to a pregnancy test strip, "said Budiatman explained. If that appears two lines red, the sign of processed meat product samples were positive for swine.  If only one line means negative, free of pork. "Cost of test samples This tool around USD. 10 bucks every once in a test.
Still many food products suspected of containing a mixture of pork indeed quite alarming for our country that the majority of Muslims. Of course the ability of detection devices is expected to work LPPOM-MUI so more easily, fast and accurate course. Until the Muslim community feel safe and comfortable.
Hopefully this tool can really help them in the task of testing halal food products from a mixture of pork, and the mandate if the procurement was later actually done, not used for the project handful of persons to enrich themselves.
Meatballs and pork
The main reason traders mixed with pork meatballs is because beef prices soar up so the traders mixed some beef and pork that are cheaper than beef, and other reasons for that Baso traders may think the food analyst will analyze the levels food additives that are in the meatballs.
 we can look back on meatballs mixed with rat meat are located in areas that are not biased mentioned, the same response from traders meatball is because meat prices soared.

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